About Us

Our Story

The DESAI FAMILY has been trading in Mauritius since 1920s.

R.G.Desai & Co was initially founded in 1922 by Ranchodji Gandabhai Desai, who was from Gujarat, India.

Over the years the Company was successively managed by the brothers, son, grandson and nephews of Late R.G. Desai, dealing mainly in textiles until the late 90’s. In 1986, there occurred a change of Corporate Identity to A.B Desai & Co. and was run by Bhupendra Desai. In 1996, Ujjval Desai, a fourth generation Member of the R.G. Desai Family, returned from overseas after successfully completing his tertiary studies to join the Family business. In 2014, Ujjval took over the Management of the Company, introduced new products into the Company portfolio as well as new Brands to the Mauritian market. These brands are today, well established in Mauritius at our retail outlets, as well as at more than 75 official Dealers and now online through the A.B Desai Webshop.

Our Mission

To cater to the needs of all Mauritians, unfailingly,
to the best of our capabilities.

Our Vision

To expand gradually, taking into consideration the mutual
interest and satisfaction of our Customers, Staff and Directors.

Our Values

Honesty brings mutual Trust all along.